If youre tapping on multiple strings, are you supposed to pluck the first note on that string or just tap it with your finger? My impulse is to not bother plucking any of them, but i cant tell if im getting a weaker sound than im supposed to be, and just curious in general what the correct way to do this is.

Specifically I'm learning bloodmeat by protest the hero, the tapping part comes in on the 45th measure.
That part is going to be all hammers from nowhere and tapping. It really depends on the part though, I say that part is all tapping and no picking but that's because it's all on new strings and the tapping is all over the place, you can easily write parts that have a fair bit of complicated tapping that it's practical to pick at least some of the notes.
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Bloodmeat is all tapped like Zaphod said, it's also a really good song to expand tapping from the single note triads on one string. The weak sound is just because you haven't practiced tapping with both hands with no picking as much as you've practiced standard picking and legato, just practice tapping each note near the fret with a strong but relaxed hammer on and minimal motion. Remember not to press into the string after you tap with a finger, you want to hit the fretboard relatively hard but without tensing up and pushing into the fretboard.

Sequoia Throne is also really good for tapping (and most standard rock technique to be honest), if you like the song I'd try learning it after Bloodmeat although it is a fair bit harder.
Cool thanks guys...yeah I'll stick with bloodmeat for now, its pushing my limits as it is. I seem to be getting it slowly but surely..got the first tapping part down last night doing it the way you guys described, bout to start on the second. thanks for the help