I'm using a zoom g1on and i want to emulate a nile tone
Should i just use the amp they use and use the virtual knops to get their amp setting ? , if yes what.amp and settings should i use ?
Or should i just use my ear ?
Have no idea how people make the patches on the internet ...
First of, the tone is affected by the pickups, the effects used, the head, the cab, even the wood of the instrument might effect it at some level. If you are looking to hate a "one size fits all" answer, you won't! There's too many factors to realy have this.

But, you can probably get close nonetheless.
For every "tone seek", I do the following:
Find out what head they are using, what effects and what cab

The first step is the head. They apparently uses JCM 2000 head. So select this one on your zoom to set the base of the tone.
Then, set a FLAT EQ, and disable all effects.
By Flat EQ, I mean put the Low, Mid and High at twelve o'clock and let it there for now.
Next, you'll need to find the level of gain that ressemble what they use. Doesn't mean it's all the way so fiddle with it.

When you have the basic tone, you'll need to "correct" it with the EQ, so adjust the Low, Midle and High.

After you're done with this, you'll have to look for the effect chain.
I haven't seen any on the pedal board, but they might use an Overdrive, disto or fuzz, but looking here it seems that they don't

Do the same for the effects, go one by one, with the one closest to what they uses.

So, basically, don't use already made patches, use your ears!