I'm torn between getting the new Mark V 25, and just a Mark V head. Lately as I've been so busy I haven't had as much time to jam with my drummer and I generally and just playing/recording at home. I would like to get some sort of 2x12 cabinet but I'm not sure which kind of Mesa Cabinet I should get. $$ is not an issue (for once!) (i've been saving for a loooong time)

Thanks for your help guys!
So your question is about the MARk V vs Mark V 25 or about cabs?

If about the heads, then do you use a clean channel?
If you do need, it, I'd get a Full Mark, since at gigs(Even in a studio) the amp might break up far too early.
If you would like the amp just for the distorted tones, then i'd get a 25 version.
About cabs, it doesn't need to be a specifically a Mesa cabinet. If you're in the US, look at Avatar cabs. They can make you a custom cab for not too much.
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Some people have told me that closed cabs are better and some have told me to get an open cabinet. I'm just not sure.

As far as the heads go, I think the 25 watt would just be so much easier as it's so much lighter and it gets surprisingly loud, but if somebody can convince to get the Mark V go for it!

There's an overwhelming amount of settings on the Mark V and the V:25 is a wee bit more simple.

But my main question is what kind of cab/speakers would sound best with these amplifiers.
For death metal stuff I would recommend a closed back cab. Sound a bit better for that IMO.
Any Cab with V30's would do the job well. I'd just get the cheapest Mesa cab with those(Which is the Rectifier cabs I think).
Well, you can call me crazy
You can call me wrong, 'cause
See I was born a liar, albatross
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Celestion V30's are pretty well the standard for most metal genres. However there are many many options for speakers, and they all have their own voicings. I would start with V30s, and go from there. I have a Mark V with a closed back 2x12 and its monstrous.

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I'd suggest the Mark V with the Mesa Thiele 1x12 cabinet housing either an EV-L or an Eminence Delta ProA. It's closed back, capable of handling a LOT of power, and ported to take advantage of resonant frequencies down to the '50's. Powering those frequencies cleanly takes some some serious power.