Hi all, does anyone have an experience with Tesla guitar pickups?
Don't know where they're made...
I'm looking into this Plasma-7 pickup , for heavy metal sound.

Tesla Plasma-7
Their factory is somewhere in Asia, as I recall.

They're pretty good- I have a VR-Extreme and a pair of OPUS-S in a custom I had made a year or so ago, and the luthier put the same set in a guitar for himself. Their pups aimed at harder genres have nice output and still clean up nicely. The OPUS pickups are very clean.
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thank you,
I'm looking for something like dimarzio distortion / SH6 Duncan, with sweet mids,
but I want to try some other pickups in that price range, not sure are there any other pups good for metal.
I put a VR 60 and a Nitro in my SG. It sounds great, the 60 is a great neck pickup and the Nitro has a lot of bite. I am very happy with them, I will probably buy another set to put in my Explorer.
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