This is my secondhand guitar, an ESP LTD LMH100QMNT and I'm ready to upgrade the pickups becuase they aren't all that great. (Factory pickups: ESP LH-150 (B & N) p.u.)



I'm looking for passive pickups, (I'm a fan of Seymour Duncans - I have Black Winters in my other guitar) I want pickups for more of a melodic metalcore sound. (Parkway drive heavy & born of osiris melodies)
Pickups that do great with higher gain & distortion, that don't sound too muddy when distorted so each note can cut through clearly.
I'm in a touring band, price isn't an issue for me.

I was thinking of getting myself a second set of black winters becuase I love them so much in my primary guitar.
I don't know what would be best choice for this mid range guitar (you wouldn't put $3,000 pups in a $50 guitar) I paid $300 for this guitar, it didn't burn a hole in my pocket, it's a midrange guitar but I'd like for it to sound a lot better than it does.
Get a set of EMG X series or SD Blackouts would be my first choice and I'm not a big fan of actives.

You could try the Dimarzio deactivators

If you want some good passives look at www.creamery-pickups.co.uk/ or https://bareknucklepickups.co.uk/main/

Got a link to your website? I'm always interested in new bands
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