SONG: sweet jane
ARTIST: velvet underground

What effect and guitar i need?
where i can find tabs or partiture with japanese intro
(15 first seconds oriental music intro)
it's busy

to me it sounds like one guitar with a delay noodling with another guitar with a slide (might be a keyboard using pitch bend) with some reverb on it.
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It's always just sounded like a delay to me.

Either that or they did a lot of overdubs, but you could easily pull it off with just a delay.
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It looks like one of those songs with a lot going on. I can make out 5 guitar parts playing at once, some clean and some distorted, 2 strumming chords and 3 playing different things. Some parts are using a delay, reverb & possibly other effects. It looks like some or all guitars are in drop D tuning. I can't make out everything from the sample tab sheet of the 1st page, it's to blurry. If you buy the actual official sheet music with tabs, it will tell you everything you need to know (effects used & everything).

Here is a great place to get an official copy of the sheet music Published by Hal Leonard (one of the best) in a digital download, it beats anything you find for free on the net. http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/title/sweet-jane-digital-sheet-music/19397968

I buy all my tabs in physical format (books) but from what I understand the digital copy is supposed to be the exact same thing.
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Check out the live version. Lou Reed - Rock 'n' Roll Animal. Great two guitar intro.
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