Extremely excited to finally share this album with you guys! It's the first release I've been part of that I'm truly proud of

The album is all over the place genre-wise, but with a firm core of rock/metal/punk - you'll find hints of folk, classical, jazz, funk, disco, world, etc. I definitely realize it's not a mixture for everyone to enjoy, but so far, reviews have been overwhelmingly positive


If you only have time for a single track or two, some good candidates are 'Dying Suns', 'Poltergeist' and 'The Hoax'

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I wondered why I liked the guitar tones so much, then I saw the Soldano in the Poltergeist video. I've based all of my amp sim sounds off an SLO 100 and using it in more of a crunchy context rather than all out saturation just sounds great. I'm wondering what the bass rig is too. I see a Fafner head and what looks like a Warwick Streamer, but I got nothing after that.
I love the mix, too.

Could you check out my track/project too:

Also, I've been working with Sanati22 on a few tracks and this is the first finished one:
(I mixed, played bass and did some of the production)

Basically, what it comes down to is this - Tell 'em to spend the $10 I bought the album with to buy something nice
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Haha, thanks a ton man and sorry to disappoint you, but the album is all Axe Fx II on guitars/bass/violin The bass used in the video is also different from what the album was tracked with - an old ESP Horizon 5 string

I will check out all of your links ASAP, guys
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At least tell me you used a Soldano model?
Anyway, this doesn't disappoint me, it just gives me more reasons to want an AxeFX!

Recto for most part!

Go for it, man - awesome investment!
Bumping this because it deserves far more attention. I bought it as soon as it was out and I've been listening to it non-stop ever since. Now, THAT's a recommendation