so here I am
on this thread again
spilling my heart, digital pen
**** this art, now and then
cross your heart, amen
unaffectedly scaled from 1 to 10

mercury confronting,
tall lax mixed with something
worrying explicit, expert judging
guess my minds running, thoughts combusting into an infinite of nothing.
still pumping and thumping,
becoming and trusting into myself.

disappointment and success
these appointments and this stress
lone night, its a mess, OCD obsessed, brain compressed.

but somehow deep down feelin on top of my game.
tastin somethin in the air....money, fame?
then out of thin air...something became into a dream like state.
and he creates and paints the skys with truthful lies.
and even to surprise his own self into a grown self with a gnome elf.
ehh. scratch that part...but leave it in.
not like you all even pay attention to what I've fallen in.

ramble, ramble, ramble, thats all he ****ing does.
onto the next thing, not staying on track.
well thats just what it is. signature.
its my time to step into the bright light and write...alright?

screw this, screw you, and oh yeah...enjoy your poisoned food.
Quote by maaccan123
love your rhymes mate

I'm happy to get some feedback.

glad you think so..........not everyone seems to think that.
..but screw them!
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