Does anyone who has this pedal notice a slight loss of bass when using it. I am aware that the natural effect of the pedal boosts the mids, but I mean even when the effect is off. I tried one at guitar center, no problem, and I used my same exact guitar/amp. The one I just got, new, sounds very "off and on". Sometimes I feel like with the pedal off, the guitar sounds less full. I disconnected the pedal and it seems to make a slight difference, but I'm not sure. I use a Marshall DSL40C
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Are you talking about the bypass or the overdrive signal?
The bypass. I know the overdrive signal is supposed to boost the mids, but even bypassed, the pedal seems to affect my tone.
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I absolutely love the pop scene nowadays. So many artists with real musical talent!
Shitty cables? Signal loss? If its a new amp and new pedal, are you sure it isn't just you?
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it's a boss pedal, the buffer in them isn't great. it sucks tone.

either get someone to modify it to true bypass or use a true bypass looper.
yeah the buffer in it is known to bleed a bit when in bypass. i.e. let a bit of the pedal's tone through (which cuts bass as you said)- apparently some are worse than others and it's kind of pot luck as to whether you get a really bad one or a barely-noticeable one.

easiest fix is to put another buffered pedal (or standalone buffer) in front of the sd1 in your pedal chain. that should cure the problem, assuming the problem is being caused by the bleed i mentioned.
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