Nicely done! What microphone do you use? Looking for one to use in a few recordings myself.
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Nice playing! Nailed the tone too. I feel that some of your bends may be a little off during parts of the solo though. But your interpretation of the song is very creative and I love the improvisation at the end.

Anyway, drop me a crit on my Dream Theater cover too!

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thanks, Hong Siah... now im gonna have nightmares about my balls being ripped apart while in mid fall from a building window.

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Thanks people

It's direct recording into 11rack. Guitar>11rack>Protools. Patch is based on eleven rack Messa Boggie amp, both clean and drive.

Yeah I know it's not a perfect cover, there are few mistakes and off bends...but it's just a hobby of mine so I try to put best effort in covers as much as time allows me....and I don't have too much time for practicing as I would like to

Thanks again for comments, I will be checking your covers too.