So I saw on a website (http://www.seymourduncan.com/blog/the-tone-garage/active-and-passive-in-the-same-guitar-can-it-be-done/) that it was possible to put use an Active pickup and a Passive pickup on the same guitar, but what I was wondering was if it would be possible to do this with an American Deluxe Stratocaster HSH. I plan on using the same humbuckers from the link and am still deciding on what to change the single coil too (suggestions would be very appreciated), but the main thing I want to know is that if this is all possible with an EMG Afterburner, a Push/Pull Pot with "Bridge Always On" mod and a StellarTone ToneStyler.
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Yeah you could do it. Oddly enough I did such a wiring last night for my local craigslist but it's two volume (no tone) and a 3 way toggle.

Just have a different volume pot that has a 25k resistance for active pickups
for "active preamps" like the afterburner to whatever else comes to mind you can replace a tone knob.

when wiring up the 2nd volume think of it more as a les paul volume pot on a seymour duncan diagram. Grounds the same on the right hand side. Have a wire go from the middle contact (wiper) to the 1 or 5 (depending on which pickup) to the selector and then the hot lead is where your pickups hot lead is going to go. From there just attach ground wires to the rest of the schematic.

With active preamps though you'd need the space for the battery clip and a new input jack with 3 contacts called a stereo jack. Switchcraft input jacks are great and I'd like to imagine that 9v battery clips come with the preamp of choice. Luckily strats have a lot of room. Just make sure to use an expensive alkaline 9v battery though because getting the 9v out of a strat continuously is a headache.

pro tip
if you do replace a tone knob re-wire the one currently in there so it becomes a master tone.
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