I would say that I'm making a fairly reasonable progress when it comes to technique and hearing, but I just don't seem to be able to come up with anything good on the guitar, just bland, uninspired garbage. I can do fairly well on Guitar Pro on the other hand. I've been playing for 4 years now, and that has been true for quite some time, although even more so in the last 1 year. How can this be changed? Or should this change?
What is your thought process when you write in guitar pro?

It may be that when you sit down with guitarpro you feel comfortable and more relaxed while when you sit with your guitar you put pressure on yourself and psych yourself out?

Maybe try sitting at guitar pro and when you write have your guitar on your lap. Every time you make a few clicks in guitar pro play the notes on your guitar straight after, just to introduce the guitar to your normal writing process in a no pressure kind of way.

Make this your normal process for a while and in time start to mix it up occasionally. When you have an idea and are going to make a few clicks in guitar pro, every once in a while play it on your guitar first before you put it into guitar pro instead of right after.

Then make it more regular so that you play every little idea on your guitar before putting into guitarpro. Then start developing the ideas further on your guitar before putting them into guitar pro. At this point you are actually working out all your ideas on your guitar and just using guitar pro to note it down. Then start writing ideas away from guitarpro and use a pen and paper to write the ideas down.

(I'm assuming you can play what you write in GuitarPro, if not then that may be half the problem right there).

I don't really know though...that is just how I would approach the problem.

There's nothing wrong with using software notation to help you write. But if you are frustrating yourself when you don't have it you could ween yourself off like I described above, or just go cold turkey.

To go cold turkey you would just stop using guitar pro and force yourself to write for 20 minutes a day using only your guitar and a pen and paper or voice recorder on your phone.
Actually many writers and film directors don't do their writing in their office. They just put down some notes when and where they feel the most inspired. For instance, one of my favorite writers writes her books at a local coffee shop and compiles the good and bad ideas at home. I think it's great you can put down your songs into a tangible archive. And the fact that you say, you change around your ideas after writing them down is a hallmark of a great composer! Bach and Beethoven crossed out notes and scribbled their music sheets too. And these guys wern't just composers, they also performed in their hey-day.
You've played guitar for 4 years, so you're probably pretty good at it. I think what you found here, is just a preferential writing style for yourself.
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I don't see how it's a problem. It's a great tool and gives you immediate visual and aural feedback. I find it far quicker than writing with a guitar. I would just notate it in Guitar Pro, anyway...

I would never change. I'd rather write in a digital format. Besides, writing on a guitar doesn't really work for every other instrument in existence.
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I think it's cool that you can write like that. It's just another tool, man. I wouldn't worry about it at all.
Lemme ask, to springboard off 20T's great advice.

When you write in Guitar Pro, is the guitar out? Are you playing it/composing it and then entering it into guitar pro? Or is it all handled by the computer?

Cuz if its the second one, the problem's simple: Your playing ability and brain have a disconnect, and you can plan out parts in your head better than you can find them on the instrument in real time.

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