So a customer gave my friend who works on guitar these pickups for free for doing something on his guitar and I have no idea. They look like something you'd find on a gretsh because of that filtertron look. They aren't TV Jones, they aren't the big 4 humbucker pickup brands kids only think exist so for the first time in years I'm stumped.

nothing to signify what they are on the baeplate , they sort of series to go by. I was told they came off of an epiphone archtop.

artec to stuff an ebay seller bezdez sold/sells none resemble it I would go by
Only ones I can think of beginning with an A aside from the artec you mentioned are armstrong pickups. Unless you consider armstrong one of the "big 4". I did a quick search and didn't find any armstrongs with that logo, though, so
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yeah kent armstrong pickups came in my mind, I may bring this question over to the seymour duncan forum just to see what they think.