I play in a band and predominantly write the music myself, including drum patterns. But a lot of times I run into not being able to explain it in words.

What I'm looking for is a way to record my guitar ideas at home but put a drum track to it with either a drum program or the Alesis drum machine I have.

I have a ux1 for my laptop to play through but can anybody recommend a simpler, easy to use program that can suit my needs? One that I can bring a very rough guitar/drum recording to a practice? I've tried FL studio in the past and it got confusing and took me a while to learn and when I search I keep seeing the same ones over and over with lack of reviews.

Thank you.
What you're thinking about's a category of software called DAW's.

Look up the wikipedia page for DAW, download the free trial of everything, decide what you like best and then get that one.

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You could go for a DAW, something like Reaper, or if you want something free you could look at TuxGuitar which is essentially guitar pro, though you'd have to write in your parts instead of record but it's simple enough when you get the hang of it and you can export your projects as an audio file to share, it sounds wank but does the job well
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My favorite tool for songwriting/sketchpad/demo/pre-production is Garageband for iphone/ipad. Super easy to use with intuitive interface, sounds great, take it anywhere.

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I've looked into Reaper but I can't remember why I didn't go with it. I'll check into it again and also look at DAW. Thank you!
If you have a drum machine and know how to use it then programs your drums to that and track to something like stand alone recorder or computer interface/audio recording software.

Garageband on Mac and Mixcraft or Tracktion on PC are probably as easy as they come.