Can anyone tell me anything about these early 80s Sunn guitars from India? Or if anyone has one they would like to sell. Thanks.
Hi to one and all ..

Im on my 2nd Sunn Mustang Strt and I love them !! .. the early 80s Sunn Mustangs are fantastic !!!! the later models made in Korea and China are rubbish " so to say "

the Sunn Mustang made in India are the closest this you will play to a MIM or even a USA strat ..

I would recommend changing out the electrics " the pots and 5 way switch let the guitar down " BUT " surprisingly the pick ups are really good " hot " .

Ive played nearly every make and model guitar , When you pay €1500 for a good guitar your not surprised it has a lovely sound or a really sweet neck . But where you pay €60 and it feels as good as a €1500 guitar ! well that's a little bit different :-) ..

the neck profile on the early 80s Sunn Mustang is really really nice .

an easy to tell if the guitar is early 80s or not .

99,999% of the early 80s Sunn Mustangs have a HSS pickup configuration ,

All of the early 80s Sunn Mustang guitars have the truss Rod adjustment at the heel of the neck " NOT ON THE HEAD STOCK " The heel should also be stamped with a Month Day and letter " to indicate the year of manufacture .

All early Sunn Mustangs " the collectable ones " where made in India " On the head stock it will say " Sunn Mustang and below this in small letters " FMIC" Fender Musical Instrument Company " Or the very very early ones just had Made in India in small letters on the head stock .

The Latere " sorry to say rubbish Models " have a Horses" Mustang " head on the head stock .. Steer clear ,,,,,,,,, There only fit for fire wood .......

the first thing you should notice when you pick up a Indian Sunn Mustang is . " Its really really heavy " mine is just over 9lbs !!!

The Neck is lovely and slim . The early Indian Mustangs have a beautiful " Indian Rosewood Fret Board " and ive yet to see another as nice at it !!

The body is a 2 or 3 piece solid mahogany " NO plywood rubbish here :-) .

I hope the above is of some help and if theres anyone with any questions please feel free to ask ,

Im sorry if I offended anyone with the later model Sunn Mustang but I would sooner be honest " and we have all got stung with a bad guitar at some stage in or lives :-)