So my Gibson Les Paul studio has been having issues with the toggle switch, when I switch pickups it will stay on one of them no matter what, usually the neck, sometimes I can finagle it so that it will work but it has been getting progressively worse. Anyone have any idea what is causing it; ie, I need a new switch or is it just loose wires or something. Also, how much should it cost to get it fixed at guitar center?
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This is a fairly easy fix for anyone with a soldering iron. If you have no experience putting in a new three way maybe this might be a good time to get soldering iron and get your feet wet because this is one easier things to do on a guitar and you don't have to tear your guitar apart to do it. Open the plastic cover on the back of the guitar that covers the switch and you'll see the switch and it's wires. You can see if any feel loose or badly connected. A new switch shouldn't cost more than $25.00 and you should look for a Switchcraft version if possible. There are several YouTube videos showing you how to do the replacement.
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Dirty switch.

Pull the little round cover on back behind the switch, shoot some contact cleaner in there, toggle the switch a dozen times or so and try it. If cleaning it up does the trick, pout the cover back on and play. If not, do it again, sometimes if it's really dirty it takes a couple of times before it will work right.

If cleaning it does not fix it, find a local shop with a good reputation and have them replace the switch. It's not hard to do, music stores should have the right switch for $10 or less, if you know how to solder and can keep the wiring straight. I usually take a couple of pictures and draw out a diagram on paper, and if possible swap the wires out one at a time. Usually you can leave the old switch hanging, still connected, while you remove and transfer one wire at a time, to be sure everything goes in the right place. And you still have pictures and diagram to follow.

If you can't solder, check with local musicians, they will usually know who does good work in your town.
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I'm a poor college student so, I'll probably have to take it to a shop, I don't have a soldering iron :p
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Quote by afatguitarist
I'm a poor college student so, I'll probably have to take it to a shop, I don't have a soldering iron :p

you can buy the part and the iron for less than a shop will charge you.
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For real. Soldering Iron (with solder) $25 to $30 bucks
Switch $10
20 minutes tops of your time, maybe a beer.

VS probably $60 to $80 at guitar center. If they don't hit you hard on the parts markup, too.

Plus, you learn a valuable skill to have in your hobby.
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Just so you're aware Gibsons come stock with Switchcraft and they are good quality if not abused so hopefully all you'll need is some contact cleaning.
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Quote by afatguitarist
I'm a poor college student so, I'll probably have to take it to a shop, I don't have a soldering iron :p

Ask your art/engineering/CS major friends. Somebody on a college campus will know which department has a soldering iron sitting around in a lab.
I agree with that, ask around on campus, somebody should know where a soldering iron is, and they probably know someone who knows how to use it. Just don't let them make any modifications. Just solder in the switch, if it needs one.

I'm betting it won't need any more than a good cleaning.
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