Do you want to make online money with just likes, shares, comments, friend and etc. There is new social network that pays you for using, it's name is TSU.
In first week i've made only 5$, but it's always hard when you dont have followers and friends. Now i'm making 7-8$ per day.

Here is how to register and what to do when you register.
1. Go to tsu.co/kic10 and fill all of spaces as username, password, email.
2. Upload profile picture becouse if you dont have profile picture people will ignore you.
3. Make your profile public so everyone could find you.
4. Connect with Facebook, twitter or youtube (if you want). - this is not neceserry.
5. Go to my profile, and go to my friends, then add and follow (always follow) becoues you can only have 50 pending friend requests, and if someone doesn't accept you, you can go to your profile > following and cancel request.
6. Upload content, and try to be constant, try to post at least 4-5 times at day.
7. Go to your Home screen, and like your friends posts. Possibly they would like back.

That is pretty much all, and dont forget:
TSU is a marathon not a sprint race!

If you have questions about TSU, feel free to ask me