Guitar Players Collective:

Hey there guys a few of you might know me from posting on here. Ive created a new Facebook/YouTube group that is for connecting with other guitarist and sharing your videos, cover and originals. It is brand new and in it's infancy but it is picking up steam and the people there are great!

They are very interactive and it's not just a bunch of people spamming each other. Everyone checks out each others videos and communication is very prominent!

So I know most of you guys have YouTube, this is the channel for the the group youtube.com/channel/UCJb0kJsQqaGLS-ySWaSKDyw

The Facebook is
GROUP: facebook.com/group/guitarplayerscollective
Page: facebook.com/guitarplayerscollective

I am featuring videos everywhere from all the players, the feedback is real not just because someone wants you to watch there video....

So anyone and everyone is welcome. I have plans to take this to the next level, so If you guys wanna go on a Musical adventure you know where I'll be

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