I'm trying to upgrade my single coil 96' MIM Fender Stratocaster.
I see a bunch of reviews and demos For various pickups but rarely any demos of the pickups in a Mexican strat. So it's hard to figure out which I like best. I'm looking for a really nice clean tone a la Under the Bridge by the Red Hot chili Peppers on the neck pickup and something like Can't Stop by them on the bridge pickup. Then it must sound good overdriven as well obviously. I tend to use OD or Fuzz depending on which song I'm playing.

Guitar tones I like are John Mayer, Jimi Hendrix, RHcP.

I don't care for SRV tht much for the stuff I play. A little too jangley and bright for my taste. So I'm guessing Texas Special pickups probably wouldn't be a good option

I like how the Fender Custom Shop 69s sound

I want to keep the classic strat sound so things like Seymour Duncan hot rails are not an option. I had them in before and I hated them. I need that single coil sound, so nothing humbuckery.

I don't care about the single coil hum. It's never bothered me so noiseless pickups don't interest me for the purpose of being noiseless. If they sound great and just happen to also be noiseless that fine.

So any tips? Anybody upgrade their mim strat with nice pickups?
The Duncan piick ups are nice but there are cheaper pick ups that sound just as ncie
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lace sensor gold. they don't make noise and will give you the tones you want plus a little more.
Duncan SSL1s sound like what you want. Great classic strat tones, not too bright, warmer than the Texas Specials pickups you've probably heard. Frusciante has them in his 59 Strat so it will definitely get you those RHCP type sounds.

Usually pretty cheap used, too. You could get the APS-2 set if your guitar is particularly bright or you just want a very warm sound.