Hi All,

Despite the hate that this pedal receives on various forums - I love it. I think it's one of the better Analog Delays out there and I can't ever see it leaving my board. I have one problem with it:

THE LED IS TOO F**KIN' BRIGHT! On a dark stage, it's just piercing and it drives me crazy!

I'd like to modify this ever so slightly so it's still very bright, but not laser-like to the point it could possibly bring down a commercial aircraft! I'd also like to keep it the same 'cosmetically' speaking (not to change the actual look of the LED, just dim the brightness slightly) Some tell me this is easy, others tell me it's tricky. I'd like to know what you guys think. I've found a guy in my city that says he can do it for me, but it would mean replacing both LED's (the big one and the little MOD one) with new ones.

I don't know who to listen to. Can someone give me directions? If I have to order a new LED, which one(s)?

I'd appreciate some help here.

-Major Bludd

P.S. I know some will suggest tape or liquid lamination of some sort. I don't want to go that route at all.
BTW If there is anyone out there that knows someone who can do this for me at a fair price, (or even do it themselves) let me know. Thanks.
uh, rewire a resistor on the LED circuit?

means de soldering and re soldering, but that'd work. actual values of the resistor, i don't know as I don't know the values of the circuit.
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Put a resistor in series with the resistor, it will limit the amount of current to the LED, thus reducing the brightness. If its still too bright, you could run another LED - is the current one blue by any chance they tend to be the brightest in my experience.
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Well, a local guy dimmed the LED's for me. Funny little quirk: The main LED is now more of a turquoise color whereas the MOD LED is still a darkish blue, but perhaps not as dark as before. Much more comfortable now...

I guess I can live with this. Kinda neat, actually.