This may be a dumb question, but I'm kinda new at this. When I play a song that has a combination of chords and individual notes..as an example Blink 182's Dammit or ZZ Top's LaGrange the powerchord parts really pop almost like 2 guitars are playing...then when you shift to the individual notes they sound kind of weak and out of place.

This only happens with a dirty tone, clean tones sound fine going from chords to notes. I must be doing something wrong- any ideas on how to get a more "even" tone?

Btw- Ibanez RG w/humbuckers into an Orange Crush practice amp only effect is the onboard overdrive and gain
Maybe your picking is "uneven". Like your picking an individual note lighter and the power chords harder. With little picking control all around. Monitor your picking style and see whats going on. Operator, or equipment error.
Thanks, also its definitly worse with the switch in the middle position- all 4 pickups active, and no issues playing clean. Put on some distortion and the chords sound like a "chorus" and the individual notes just sound..well normal, not sure how else to describe it. It just sounds like they don't fit together volume wise.

Guess I was wondering if i1. Is this normal,2. Is it the pickup I'm using, should I use neck/bridge alone and use more pick control on the chorded parts 3. Do you folks use some other type of signal mod to control it..like a chorus pedal?