The Rivers they flow
A trillion path
To onward destinations
Untold as yet
And growing within
We the Tempest’s of Eternity
We the giver’s
Of life

Weeds grow
Foes from an eternity past
Foes from another life
Tracking the progress
Behind veils of lies
The Locust of Man
The Locust of
And they just cannot
let it go
These crimes misshapen from another time
Galactic Rivers spreading constraining manner
We are the prevailing tide
We are the prevailing side
We are the unrelenting rise

And so the alignment
Still yet lingers
Crushing, contorting bringing balance of mind
In the blink of a cosmic second
We will leave the GDF behind
Like an annual flower growing,
only for a moment in time

Their vines shall whither
Above our soil
So toxic to brittle iron
Oxidizing, from the inside
Cancer growing, restive nature
The fertile ground of a free mind

We will find a way
To give all that life requires
A life lived free
Or freely chained
We choose our own!
The guise of the Shadow Walkers

Beyond the dim
A shadow looms
And the larger the light,
The taller he grows
Come what may
And we will grow
in times of woe
The indomitable force
Of Freedom’s Bane

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