Hi everyone. My band recently recorded a live EP - specifically, we all played full takes of the songs together in the same room, picked the best performances and mixed and mastered them. I've done a fair bit of equalisation and compression, and added a few overdubs into the mixes, but there is NO autotune or time-syncing, so it's still very raw. And not always pretty.

The style is for the most part funk with a fairly hard edge, with some jazzy inflections. You don't see this sort of style on here everyday so I'm interested to see how it goes down...

I don't expect you to give me feedback for the whole EP so here are the two songs I would most like to hear thoughts on. You know, what you liked and didn't like, which parts stood out, guitar/bass/drum tones, maybe what you thought the lyrics were about? Anything really. Main thing is I hope you enjoy listening!



(Also, a cheeky aside... if you like these tracks you can get the rest of the EP at either of these, all free...)

Peace and love.
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HIDING PLACE - the buzzing atmosphere makes up for the rough sound of this recording. This band plays some tight and slick jazz funk, full of complicated moods and strange changes. The punctuated rhythms still maintain a steady groove. The twin guitars interplay and interweave beautifully, creating a deft dance across the panorama. The solid drums and bass provide the necessary support. The vocal is let down by poor mixing and production. Cleverly crafted music
PLAY TIME OVER - again straight in with weird jazzy harmonies cleverly juggled by the two guitars. This song is busily arranged, full of angular edges mixed with extended harmonies. This is an ambitious task they're attempting. It can sound slightly cluttered in places. This is not helped by the crude live sound, which is sharp and brittle. The passionate vocal sounds like he's struggling with the sound too - I would like to hear it with good production, where he doesn't have to strain to be heard. But he certainly has bags of emotion and feeling, and technically he stays in tune and time perfectly.
My overall feeling is that this is an ambitious project, and they need to focus the composition and arrangements a bit better. But still the playing is very good, especially for a difficult live environment with a poor sound. I feel that a proper judgement of these songs is possible here, due to the poor sound and rough mixing.

C4C here.
Wow, what a delight.
It was original, well thought, well played.
The overall sound seemed a little saturated.
Dont know if it was intentional, but I would have prefered a clearer sound with that kind of music, but that's me...
Kudos !
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ab ovo,
"Hiding Places": Couldn't tell what was over-dubbed later, but the audio quality is very good for a live recording! If I didn't know better, I'd thought you added crowd noise to a purely studio made recording. Nice vocals! A few notes/chords sounded off to me, but otherwise I liked the melodies. Nice guitar & electric bass tones. Please review my (with tremolo effect guitar also) music at this link:

Ok, I checked out hiding place. I thought it was begging for vocals at that 35 second mark...I love how you start and stop a couple times..it breaks up the flow real good! this made we want to drink vodka and find a hot women to bang lol! ok..vocals came in at 143 wow, amazing! great singing! super catchy! reminded me a little of sublime! nice job man! crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1670320