I am making my own pedal board and I have never really used pedals much until now , noise gate , over drive , delay , boast , distortion , I might be adding more at some point in time . I am running them on separate 9v plugs some have different palarity, I plug them all in to an adaptor that can hold up to 6 sockets and also my amp . Is this the best solution I am just wondering what people use to power there pedals and if there is advantages also point out my pedal board is only for home use
A pedaltrain mini is a great board suggested around here. i would get a power supply that you plug all the pedals into and then that goes into a power supply.
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You can make your own pedal board, saving you some money and boosting your wood-working pride c:

Obligatory: Don't wreck your gear. If you don't know what a current parameter means, ask. You mentioned polarity, you don't want to mix polarities from a single polarity power source.

Most people agree that getting a nice isolated power supply/brick is the way to go for powering pedals. Just beware, some pedals have different requirements. Make sure your power supply can power your pedals without wrecking them. You don't want to put all your pedals onto a wall adapter, that is messy and somewhat dangerous.

You could potentially use a 1-spot daisy chain for your regulation, 9v, center negative pedals like many BOSS and EHX pedals. Hook up a power strip to you board, attach the daisy chain, and use the regulated adapters for pedals with different requirements, like the RAT which has center positive polarity.

I would run your amp on a single wall socket by itself.
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Using separate plugs isn't ideal, you can just use one of the plugs, and buy a daisy chain to link pedals together, or a better but more expensive solution is to buy a power brick, which are way more reliable
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