Last year I made a new years resolution that I was going to learn to play the guitar. I committed to at least ten minutes a day and was going to learn Born to Run first. I did it and have continued to play quite a bit. I have gotten pretty good at playing chords and can play rhythm and sing a whole bunch of songs but seemed to have plateaued if you will. My goal is to be able to play acoustic and sing by myself. I watch other guitarist and they seem to be walking down to chords and playing bass lines or picking out melodies as they are playing the chords. So my question is (without getting a teacher) where do I go from here to take this playing to the next level?
That doesn't sound like a plateau. If you're not actively learning how to incorporate basslines or play melodies as you're playing chords, you won't be able to do it.

The next step would be to identify a song that does this which is not overly complicated (such as playing 3 different voices at different rhythms, etc.), slow it all down and start practicing. That was how I picked up a bit of fingerpicking. The first song is going to take the longest, but with practice it shouldn't be a problem.
Sweet Home Alabama kind of does that. You could adapt it slightly to be more chord-focused. Little cheesy though.

Every few weeks, months, longer maybe, you'll feel like you've hit a plateau, but you never really do. You have to just keep learning things that are slightly above your skill level, and slowing it down as much as you need to. Every so often revisit some old songs and you'll see how much you've improved.