My B and G string lowers a whole step in pitch immediately after bending even with the strings locked. I have a floyd rose bridge on a Ibanez RG 470 FMR.
Another problem is that same strings Bstring in particular snaps off at the sadle when tuning up, this also happens if a stretch the strings for a while.
This started to happen after I adjusted the tremolo in order to get the bridge lvl. I tightened the screws which required quite a bit. After that with the older strings it started going out of tune after bending but just slightly. Then I changed strings and the guitar just flipped out.
The new strings are one gauge thicker than the old ones.
The new gauge solved a intonation problem but created some new ones. Any advice?
If you set it up for one gauge and swap to a different gauge, then you need to set up the FR again.
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in an electric guitar there is 120-ish pounds of pressure. The springs and string tension have to balance. This is a big reason I tell so many guys to get Kahlers so they usually don't have as much of a headache adjusting things on a tremolo.

easy solution though..
so take the backplate off
measure the distance before making any changes
you want to have the bridge flat in the end so this is the process.

ok so I'd start by loosening the two screws holding the springs about say 0.3mm or so and then putting the guitar back into pitch. See how the bridge is sitting on the guitar after you have it in tune. If the way the bridge is sitting on the guitar is getting worse tighten. The bridge talks to you. But like before tighten or loosen and be observant of how the bridge sits on the guitar after every adjustment. Look at it in playing position.

my comfort zone screw heads to the end of the routing for a 25.5 scaled guitar with 10-46 strings in standard E is 1.5cm for example. But Ibanez guitars this may change.

this might help
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