Hey guys, I was hoping someone would be able to recommend me a pedal that can both provide a wah-wah effect and also has a loop machine built into it? I'm not bothered about any other features and am looking for something as cheap as possible.

Would really appreciate some help.

you may be able to find multi-fx unit that does both but i can't think of any pedal that does both
You're not going to find a pedal that's just those two things. There are plenty of multi-fx that have both of those features (Line 6, Digitech etc) but the wah effects on them are generally either bad or mediocre. If you just want a good wah and a good looper you're going to have to buy separate pedals. You can probably get an Original Crybaby or a Vox V847/848/847A and a decent looper like the JamMan or the Boss RC20 for under $200 used.

If you just want a cheap wah and a cheap looper and you don't care too much about how the wah sounds you could get an RP255, or one of the older models if you want to go even cheaper. Even at the cheapest prices, though, I think a single looper pedal and a standalone wah are going to be the best value.
Line 6 HD500 has both of those, but I never liked any of the wah models on it. You're better off getting something like Dunlop 535Q/Morley Bad Horsie and a ditto looper for the same price as a used HD500.
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