Hey guys, I've been playing a lot more bass recently (I'm primarily a guitar player) so I've been thinking about picking up a fretless bass. I'm already in love with my current bass - a 5 string Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass - so I've been thinking about picking up a 4 string fretless from the same line of Squiers. I'm not a serious bass player and I think the Squier sounds and feels great for the price, so I don't mind getting another. Just not sure if there would be something better out there, any input would be appreicated.

The two I'm looking at by the way (I want the Jazz but its so ugly!!)
In that price range, those are good choices for fretless basses. Most people seem to think that the Fender Jazz design - particularly its slimmer neck - lends itself to fretless more so than the Precision.
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