Most humans innately prefer to have hope than be cognizant of an unpleasant truth that negates that hope even if positive results of that hope NEVER materialize

Most people in the guitar community or any instrument for that matter, tend to downplay the importance of talent, and believe that hard work and dedication can achieve ANYTHING, this is a coping mechanism.

when guys see a man who is very virtuoso at guitar, an adult or young kid likE SHUNGA JUNG, and so many others on youtube, usually they will talk it up to the man having good practice, a good teacher, dedication and hard work, and years of practice despite their young age, is easier on the ego to believe that a man is successful at something (guitar) because of something he is doing (lots of practice) rather than because of something he is (talent)

why because those guys may be able to replicate that man's good practice, perseverance, dedication

they can't, however, replicate his talent, and that's a hard pill to swallow
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Of course they downplay talent, because you can't give yourself more talent. You can, however, work hard and be rewarded for that work regardless of your talent.

Practice, perseverance, and dedication are things you can instill in yourself, so it's positive and productive to talk about them. Your post, on the other hand, contains no real information, certainly no productive information, and seems to me like to exist only to massage your own ego by pretending that you know something that everyone else doesn't.