im done. im finished. ive put blood sweat and tears for 8 years (even more actually) and still cannot play virtuoso, still cannot play fast. ive only continued because people (with talent and wishful noobs) keep telling me im not working hard enough. it would be complete insanity for to continue. this is ruining my life. ive shed tears so many times these weeks watching virtuosos on youtube, kids playing ten times better, envying them, dreaming if i could only play like them

if i had dedicated years of hard work to anything else, i wouldve achieved something wonderful by now.

im not wasting my life with it anymore. . i need to get rid of this brainwashed mindset that i need to be a virtuoso. time to accept who i am and move on. ill be insane to continue, if it hasnt happened by now it never will.
Awesome. Can you please quit posting your pointlessly negative garbage on these forums, too?
Why do you need to be virtuoso? So that you can impress people? So that you can feel accomplished? So that you can get chicks? Become famous? Obviously if that is your motivation you are gonna end up hating it.
You aren't a virtuoso because your mindset of "I must master X aspect of music by Y date" is pointless and counterproductive.

Like this thread!

But now that Seagull(I think) laid his egg you'll have plenty of time to rediscover enjoying art during the ban.
"There are two styles of music. Good music and bad music." -Duke Ellington

"If you really think about it, the guitar is a pointless instrument." - Robert Fripp