I am currently using a 5150 into an old Peavey Windsor cab (not great but is decent), and this rig is working well enough for me and my metalcore band. However, I saw a craigslist post in my area for a Mesa 4x12 cab with v30s for $350, in near perfect condition. This seems like a pretty neat deal to me but I'm not sure. Does anyone have any experience with these cabs? Should I go for it?
If it's in decent shape that's a sweet deal. I'd make sure the cab really had those speakers in it when you bought it (I'm paranoid) but yeah I'd grab it if you have the scratch for it.
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buy it. verify the speakers though. that is a really good price, almost concerning. usually they are $500+. mine is a little beat up, and i still paid like $450 for it. i use mine with my mesa MKIV.
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Where I live, people want $800 for a cab like that, even if it's beat to shit. If you don't buy it, I'll murder a kitten. But do check to verify the speakers.
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I agree grab it, but check the speakers. just remove one of the handles and look in the side.

Remember a those Mesa cabs also came stock with the Black Shadow (CL-80) mesa makes and it is vastly different than the V30 loaded cab
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Okay sweet, I'll look into it. I didn't really expect to be shelling out $350 right now but it seems to be worth it
I purchased a Mesa oversized 4x12 with v30s a few months ago for exactly $350 on craigslist also. Verified the speakers, and the guy let me bring my amp and test it at whatever volume I wanted. It had a bunch of scratches on it and a tear in the grill- but otherwise was pristine. Id say its not necessarily too good to be true. I would definitely buy it.
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