Nasty jagged sounds over a relentlessly heavy beat makes for difficult but compelling listening. This is like a really heavy trip, almost unbearable but I just gotta go back for more. The production is excellent, all parts congruously put together with an economy of means and a precision of purpose. Some monumental bass lines add epic proportions to this darkly dangerous piece. The engineering is superb, creating a big rich present sound with no muddiness or distortion (except where intended), full of aggressive attitude properly tamed into a vividly vital soundscape.
A trenchantly tenebrous masterpiece, intimidatingly incisive,,,,
My only criticism is that the fade out comes too early - it's could go on for another minute or so,,,,,,,
C4C here.
this was pretty sick....made me wana take some cocaine lol. I love how you stop everything...but the bass and bring the volume back up..very cool. I could see this being on t.v or maybe a commercial for a manly truck! would love to hear some vocals on this! I like it man! ) crit mine? http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=13051199
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You didn't give a link to a thread so I'll have to post my crit to yours here. The sound is lo-fi, I get that, and it's good. However, there's a ground hum or something throughout the song. Next time try and listen for these issues before recording as they hog both frequency space and headroom.

Is the acoustic guitar di'd? It sounds it. If you mic it up, you'll get more body which is something you'll want in such a sparse arrangement (guitar and vocal) like this one.
If it's not di'd, dial back the hi-pass filter instead because there's very little low frequencies to this mix.

I feel that the vocals could benefit from some light compression to help them stop popping out at bits. Maybe some vocal harmonies would be nice at integral parts of the song. I would also suggest tightening up the vocals as sometimes they're out of time slightly.

Sorry if this seems harsh, you've got a good song, it just needs more work put into the mix!
(the time on your music player is very screwy, so some of these timestamps may be later than the part I'm referencing, I hope you can figure out what I'm talking about)

I love the way the bass kinda sneaks in around :20.

This is pretty catchy, but the part ending around 1:00 was starting to feel pretty empty towards the end. The stop was a good idea, but I feel like afterwards you could bring in some softer melodies over this. Even some reverby or delay'd high notes could help fill it out a bit.

I like the build-up around 2:00, and the heavy bass synth in the next section made a really big difference in my opinion. It's the changing bass throughout this track that I think really helps keep this interesting. Still, you could use some other melodies along with that main riff.

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