ok. i copied and pasted, two things. idk your video and audio dont quite sync up, but thats ok, second... dude, you really need to take that guitar to the shop and get it intonated.... put that beast on the strobe tuner, makes a world of difference. Other than being music that I dont really like, I can appreciate the art, and in my opinion, its pretty beast.
Rocking the world
One solo at a time
I record the audio then I film myself playing then I try to sync it up, I don't have really much to record videos at the moment :/ . I don't really know much about the guitar itself but I'm gonna take a look at the intonation thing mentioned ! Thanks for listening to it I appreciate it !
Your riffs are really nice, and you have a nice, clean rhythm technique. You utilize your wrist well and everything is fine and tight. However, you really don't seem to know what to do with the leads. The short solo in the intro was more of "play scale A here and Scale B here and tap some runs" than actually thinking and feeling the melody.

The transition at 1:15 was really awkward. It's like the song just cut to an another song. It was really distracting. <the clean part itself is nice, it's not overly generic as they sometimes tend to be in this genre, nice work. But the problem with your leads persist, you don't really compliment the chord progression, there really is no relation between the rhythm and the lead except for that they're in the same key. The harmony at 2:02 was a bit off, i would have chosen a different interval. It was a nice touch however, even though it kind of broke the flow of the solo and distracted it further from the context.

The following clean part sounds pretty cool, and again your right hand technique is impressive. Nice fingerpicking, considering that a lot of metal guitarists ignore it for some reason. The guitar solo here was better than the first ones, but still had some of the same problems with aimlessness as them.

Overall impression is that you have a killer rhythm technique. Nice riffs and progressions with stellar right hand technique and versatility. If this was meant to be a complete, flowing song you really need to work on the transitions, but I'm not sure if you meant it to be that way. The biggest gripe was your lead playing, you should study some advanced improv techniques to really make the solos memorable and beautiful. Remember that the lead and the rhythm are not two separate chunks of a song, they're interactive and dependent on each other. Work on that, and you have some really nice stuff going on.
Thank you !

Yeah I know, a lot is odd in this composition because it's the first time that I try to make a real instrumental song, I worked on the transition but I couldn't find anything . I think I rushed it to fast, I wanted to create a song in a week max I guess and I came up with this, more work and taking my time should end up with a better music. I know what you guys mean by "feeling" :P , mine while writing this song was like "I want to make a cool technical song but I want to feel a little sad and blues" but I guess I failed at that. When I listen to the harmony I feel like it giving more puch and feeling to the solo because the I like how it's in front of the previous rapid part.

This is my very first time using fingerpicking in my songs, I recently learned that thanks to Stairway to heaven !

If you liked this song you might like the other ones I've done (there's 2) , they're missing some lyrics in my opinion but I'm not a singer :P , and the quality isn't as good as this one was . Check out "Our journey" and "The forgotten treasure" : https://soundcloud.com/victorleveneur/
Hey, I listened to the other track on your soundcloud as well, I have to say that I really like "Our Journey", some really nice parts here! The guitar solo at 3:00 was actually really cool, nice work. Forgotten Treasure also has some great parts, and the guitar solo works well in that song as well. I actually like them better than the one you posted first, some flaws that are apparent in Spirit's Battle are nowhere to be found on those two songs.

And don't worry too much about the transitions. To me, the best way to approach them is to put the guitar aside and listen to the song and think about what could happen next, our brains have a tendency to "fill blanks" in a way that you might "hear" how the song is supposed to flow even if there is no music. And the harmony part is nice, I think it was a great idea, it's more of a matter of opinion when it comes to harmonizing leads like that. I might have done it differently, but if you like it like that there's nothing wrong with it.

And I think that the song was more sad and blues than it was technical really, but what a lot of people call "feeling" is more often than not just clean technique and a good ear. Working on your ear is something you should definitely practice if you aren't doing it already.
I really liked composing "Our Journey" and "The Forgotten Treasure", I felt like those songs sounded a bit sad (especially the verse in "The Forgotten Treasure" and the bridge in "Our Journey").
I took more time to write them than writing "Spirit's Battle" it might be that.

Yeah I'll work on that, I usually listen to all a lot of musics that have the same kind of feeling I want to create , I'm thinking of Trivium (mainly those albums : Ember to inferno and Shogun) , Sabaton, Cradle Of Filth and Slipknot. A friend of mine sent me a music of Thrown to the Sun (the music was Maladies to be cured) and it sounded a lot like my tracks on Soundcloud, If you liked my tracks you might like them as well :P .