I bought Line 6 POD HD500x the other day, and I'm having problems with using it for my death metal band. I go straight to the PA, but I can't find a distortion that isn't muddy, unclear and hissing.

When I use exotic effects such as organ simulator, or mild distortion the sound is okay - but as soon as I dial up any harsher distortion, everything becomes muddy.

I need help - how to use HD500x for death metal and still sound clear enough that the drummer can hear what we're playing?

Thanks in advance guys!
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If it's possible then use a Tubescreamer setting with the amp setting. That should clear some stuff up. Also, try lowering the gain and raising some mids. The drummer will hear the guitars cut through and you'll be able to be heard yourself.
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Check your output settings. Go into systems/IO and scroll over to page 4, make sure your output is Direct/PA out. And if it is you could also try the other output settings.

You can also try adding a TS model and playing around with an EQ after the amp in the signal chain.
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