Hi folks!

As a guitarist and bassist, I've try to organize my pedalboard for the two instruments.
My order is, from right to left: Boss FV-50H Volume Pedal, Boss NS-2 Noise Supressor, Zoom MS-50G Guitar Multieffects, Zoom MS-60 Bass Multieffects, J. Rockett Allan Hodsworth Sign. Pedal and finally a Boss PS-6 Harmonist.
For my taste is OK, but is always important to hear from other people.


guitar-volume pedal (if you use it to sound like a volume knob)-J. rocket-Zoom 50-Zoom 60-Noise surpressor. If your amp has an fx loop put the harmonist there if you use it solely for harmonies. If you use it to make single note pitch shifts like a digitech whammy, put it before the J. rocket.
Charvel So-Cal (SH6TB/N, killswitch), Jackson RR5FR (TB6/Jazz, Drop C). Joyo pxl pro.
Loop1=Crybaby from hell, Boss PS-5, Seymour Duncan 805 or Green Rhino, EQD Hoof or Earthbound Audio Super Collider. Loop 1 into ISP Decimator II.
Loop 2 (FX loop)-Line6 M9, TC Spark Mini. Loop 2 into mxr 10band. All into a Peavey Triple XXX 212, Ibanez IL15.