My first song with vocals. All instruments and vocals by me, I also mixed and mastered the whole thing. I hope you enjoy!

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This is excellent. Really excellent.
The song is very coherent and you nailed its construction on all points.
The playing is spot on, as is the overall sound.
I really searched for something I would dislike, but couldn't find it....
I would actually never have questionned the professionalism of that track...
IMO, you can definitly be proud of it.

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Wow, really nice song. Not really my style, but I think you did really well here. Unfortunately, I don't think there's much that I can add or critique because for the most part, it was all on point. Tight rhythm playing, good singing, drums were not overpowering. I like how the song progressed from kind of mellow to really exciting at the end, especially with the riff around 3:30. The end reminded me of Between the Buried and Me. I like the odd rhythms, it kept things interesting. Good stuff!
Hey man

The song is pretty good, the production is very good. The tones on the guitar are nice too, the balance is great, I like what youve done there. The song has a creepy vibe which you have pulled off really well. If I were you, I would double/quadruple track your rhythm guitars and maybe turn up the bass a bit to make your texture sound more full. A common thing with home/non professionally recorded songs is there is a slight empty feeling. Another way of getting around that is to have a track or two of a clean guitar playing the chords, which is just audible. And I mean only just audible, and what it does is thicken the texture without actually changing the mood of the song. The solo is nice, the instrumental section reminds me alot of Iron Maiden haha.

Overall, really good song dude, I like it. Make more!

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Thanks guys I'll definitley continue, hopefully a whole album will be in the making soon! Im gonna check out your stuff too and give feedback