Hello guys. Just quite annoyed at mysituation now.

Ive had this issue for as long as i remember. i use my ring finger for most of my slides and bends, and usually after a few days i get a small cut on the finger. there are callouses formed on the outside but the cut doesnt get covered up.

whenever this happens, it hurts a lot when i do sliding or bends and rarely hammer ons because the string creeps into the cut. Using the very tip of my ring finger will 'dodge' the cut bt it is incovenient. it is compromising my playing.

Is my techique somehow wrong? This only specifically happens to my ring finger. probably because it is my preferred finger for bends.
Your technique could be improved perhaps, the finger you use for the slide should depend on what happens before and after, usually after. Think which fingers you need after and before and then chose to slide on one of your 3 main fingers. Also, you are pressing too hard possibly because have a poorly set up guitar.
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stop being a baby and get on with it or take up knitting

That's not very nice....

I would have replied with the much more tasteful, "stop being a baby or take up the piano"!

In any case, most all us us have probably come close, (or managed to), give ourselves blisters or cuts while overdoing it learning to play.

TS: It sounds like you're turning your finger over while you're bending. Once you hit a place where there's no callouses, your skin will cut as if you're a noob. Best I can tell you.
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Drop and give me 50, soldier! When I was in the Marines, we used razor blades for strings on our guitars and we loved it. Thank you, sir! May I have another?

Ok... Just kidding. I was never in the Marines. Sounds like your technique is wrong. I remember developing very sore finger tips, when I started playing eons ago, but I've never had the strings cut into my skin. Try using a Band-aid until the cut heals. How long have you been playing? Do you play on a regular basis?
Using the fingertips is not "inconvenient", it's proper technique. The fingertips are what you should be using in an ideal situation, and with single notes (any kind of bars are obviously not played with the tip).

Your bending technique might also be off. As stated before, you should utilize all the fingers depending on the context. You might also be bending with your finger and not your wrist, which puts a lot of unnecessary tension on the finger.

+1 about the guitar setup. Check you action.
I'm surprised that there is no mention of how many fingers you are using for bending. It's supposed to be horrible if you try to bend with 1 finger. Use at least 2, preferrably 3.
Developing heavy callouses on the fingers takes time. Try lighter strings or tune down 1/2 step to ease string tension. I play a lot of acoustic blues and this allows me to get through consecutive 4 hr gigs without bloodshed.
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stop being a baby and get on with it or take up knitting

Dude, knitting is a dangerous game. I stabbed myself with a needle once, took up playing guitar instead...much safer
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Dude, knitting is a dangerous game. I stabbed myself with a needle once, took up playing guitar instead...much safer
I still think the piano is safer than anything having to do with needles or garrote wires!
The main thing I notice is trying to bend strings using one finger. I almost never do that, I use the middle and ring fingers a lot and sometimes the index finger, and then usually I'm pulling the string down, not pushing it up. The index doesn't work great for that.

How I do it varies. Sometimes I use another finger to support the one actually doing the bending, sometimes I just use one, can't really give you any specifics. But I've never cut into a finger, especially through callouses.

Try to adjust to using the ring and middle fingers to do your bends, I can't rally describe my technique, without being able to sit in front of you and show you, I pretty much do it by instinct. One example though, is if I want to bend a string then use a note on the string below it, I'll use the middle finger for the bend and the ring finger for the other note, that's being played immediately afterward and both are sustained.

Once I develop callouses, I rarely have any problems. Until then my fingers get really sore after an hour or two, but I've never seen strings actually cut into my fingers. It's not impossible, I read in an interview that Al Dimeola played "Mediterranean Sundance" in the studio trying to get a good track until his fingers bled, which is crazy...that guy has to have callouses that make mine look like childsplay.

You might try adjusting your style, or lighter strings and start working on using more than one finger for bending strings. Sliding up the neck, same thing. I use whichever finger I need to, depending on where I'm going with the guitar part.
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One more tip. If I play straight after a shower while my hands are still soft I find that it can shred my callouses up and ruin them very quickly. So if you're doing that, stop. Wait 20-30 minutes at least for your skin to dry up a bit.

Also you should be using the tip of your finger to fret notes as mentioned.