Hi all ive got a budget of approx £1000 to buy guitar,amp,and pedals. The guitar is just about sorted thinking about the epiphone dot i want an all rounder set up and only want a pratice amp really as i wont be gigging maybe the odd jam but that will be it any advice please folks many thanks
What genre/bands/players do you want to sound like?
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IIRC the Jet City series get a lot of love here; the clean channel apparently takes effects well, so you can use distortion/fuzz to change your dirty sound to suit. Plus, they're very affordable, so might be worth a look.
Do you really want an all-rounder set up? Or is there any sort of preference you have to any genre? And at 1000, you can get some rad gear, not just practice quality.

Firstly, you might not want to get the Epi Dot for an all-rounder guitar. Maybe something solid body with a nice mix of single and humbucker pickups (H S H would be good).

For the amp, not sure what to suggest. Fender and VOX tube amps do clean and grime really well, but not so much tight bottom end unless you really work your tone. Peavey and Roland might give you some tighter bottom end, and are fairly versatile but might lack cleans. Since you suggested a "Jazzy"-like guitar, I suggest a Peavey Classic 30 or a VOX AC-15. Used Peavey ValveKing with a speaker swap if you're tight on budget. +1 to Jet City as well.

Pedals: Standard stomps to have are delay, reverb, and overdrive. People will suggest endlessly for those three pedals. My suggestions are (presuming you don't need any presets) are the Memory Toy from EHX, Hall of Fame from TC Electronic, and the Soul Food from EHX. A multi-effects for delay and reverb is the Noisemaker Effects Nebula. You might want to get a Nano Big Muff as well. If you want a clean boost, the TC Spark or the Hotone Liftup are good choices. If you need presets, the POD HD500X is a great multi-effects to have.

If you'd rather not get all of that and really just have bedroom use, just grab a HSH guitar and a Fender Mustang/VOX VT/Peavey Tube 60 modeling amp.

And be sure to try some stuff before you buy if you can...
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For a guitar I would go for an Epi Firebird. I don't know shit about them but they look brilliant and I guess fair well in anything. For an amp until we know more a Jet City either a 1x12 2 channel combo or a 2x12 Jet City 50watt combo. I'd go for the latter, since more headroom. As to pedals, without knowing more I can't say anything.
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