Was thinking about getting one of these as a bit of a quick backup if something goes wrong with my Dark Terror. Anyone used one? What are they like?
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They really seem like they should be used for amplification only. Not much tone work available from that box. But considering the parameters of the Dark Terror, the Micro Terror essentially has the same capabilities, albeit probably sounding a lot more "meh" as it only has a single light bulb 12AX7 innit.

If you're using the Dark Terror for gain structure, try the Micro Terror to see if you can get a similar gain structure and responsiveness as you would have with the Dark Terror.
Not much tone work available from that box

That's right. Pretty much one tone... This tone is sweet thought (you know it you got the dark terror).

Personnally, I can't really justifiy a backup amp that has no other purpose. I would stretch a little and try to get an amp that can do something else.

Maybe an Egnater Tweaker 15 on the used?
Or Peavey classic 20 mini head on the used as well?