I'm thinking of applying for the card for the 24 months and 36 months no interest promotional. I only want to buy about $1,200 - $1,500 worth of basic stuff. Guitar, case, all of the little things like strings and straplocks, a decent amp, a decent looper and possibly a couple of effects pedals.

Among their terms, I see the statement, "24 equal monthly payments required." everywhere. Can you pay what you want each month? I know that there is a minimum, but I'd rather pay like $150/month and get rid of the balance quicker than some $60/month minimum required. It sounds like they want you to take all 24 months and be locked in at the amount of payment that they set each month.

Can anyone confirm/deny that?
I know Sweetwater has given you other options in the past, but for whatever reason, you've no option but to pay in 24 equal amounts per month during the promotion.

I highly recommend ditching Sweetwater and using one of zZounds Pay As You Play Plans instead. It's 12 mos. for plenty of items (some are 8 mos. or 4 mos. depending on brand and price- and based on you price range, the 12 mos. options will cover most of that) and no APR because you're not opening a line of credit with zZounds- so no credit check. What you can do instead is apply for a regular credit card from the lending institution of your choice which I've done twice to build my credit (for which I chose the 12 mos. option in your price range). You can choose to pay in advance or more than the required payment if you want, and you have the benefit of being able to use the credit card elsewhere rather than just for Sweetwater, or Guitar Center, or Musician's Friend- whatever other options require you to open a line of credit.
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