I got an Ernie Ball MVP online a few weeks ago. It seems crazy that this is a volume pedal that cannot go to ZERO unless you are playing through a mostly clean setting.

Does anyone else have one of these? This model is supposed to be used with either active or passive pickups but with any amount of gain even with the adjustment knobs at minimum, there is still a small amount of sound coming through making swells impossible.

You have to pretty much put all of your weight on the heel of the pedal to get it to drown out all volume. There is a rubber bumpstop on the underside that you are kind of squishing when heeling down. The pot must not be making full travel, but modification is not possible due to the way they have the string fastened to the foot pedal.

A volume pedal that doesn't go all the way down....completely useless. In this day and age, how would they not test this thing through a dual rectifier or something metal to make sure it actually 'works'. Does anyone have a good volume pedal that goes all the way to 0 even with heavy gain?
Quote by NakedInTheRain
take off the bumpstock?

Can't...the bumpstop is there to protect the metal tang that the string is fastened to. If it was gone, you would get metal on metal contact and lots of potential weight on this very small "L" shaped piece of metal and it would break.

I'm not interest in taking it apart to adjust it, so I think I'll just return it. What volume pedal do you use?