Not sure if this is the right thread. When I curve my third finger like a hook I can feel slight pain feels 'tight' 'heavey'. It's doesn't effect my playing unless I have to barre over strings like a 9th chord. Also when I apply heat it helps it. Wondered if it's guitar-relate or anyone else has had it? ,I've been playing a couple of years. Also I got guitar exams coming up so don't want to go to docs and says I can't play for a week!
Go to a doctor. If they tell you not to play for a while then that's what you should do. What's more important: a bit of money to re-enter the exams or the free use of your finger?
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The exams are abroad so I have to book flights etc bit of a nightmare. I can bend my third finger all the way fine but there's a slight ,pain on a scale of 1-10 it's about 2.... Check the symptoms for arthritis, RA etc, seems like i just pulled it, I was playing the riff on Layla the other day and got a bit carried away could of bruised it then. I'll leave it a week and if it gets worse I'll go to the docs. Thanks.
Seems to have gone now I'll report back in the morning.