I find country music horribly contrived, so was worried when I saw it tagged as country... this isn't really what I'd call country though. Nice relaxed vibe here and not cliche:-)

Nice feel and tone on the guitar leads throughout. The guitar tones are all very good, obviously well recorded and played before mixing was even considered. The vocals are also great. Your harmonies are a really strong aspect so I wouldn't mind you adding another layer in there somewhere higher up, something that sets you apart from a lot of similar artists there too.

Drums let your mix down, they are well programmed but still have that horrible soggy superior drummer sound. Firstly, add some bottom end and take some click out of the kick drum... or if you have drumagog or the likes reinforce it with a sample. Also try playing with the OH/room mics as it sounds very thin here, and try adding some saturation/character compression to the overall drum bus for some warmth and harmonics:-)
Immediately impressed by the lead guitar work, reminds me of SRV or Clapton at their best, thick and creamy, slickly phrased with a hot tone. The vocal is similarly strong, with a rich full tone, confidently handling the idiomatic slurs and attitude with style and a subtle individuality.
In fact the whole piece displays a unique approach to what on the surface seems like a standard, albeit extremely well done, country / blues song. I cannot quite put my finger on it, but the total approach sounds novel but still within accepted parameters. This is a most appealing combination.
Really, this is consummately done, the playing, the writing and arrangement, the vocal and the lead guitar. I think that chrisatgrace should expect a professionally successful music career with this level of talent and ability.
This track is beautifully engineered and produced - not quite to commercial standard, but perfect for a demo of his superb sound.

Crit 4 Crit here.
Hey Chris - GREAT lyrics!! Not just good... GREAT!! Parachute - smoke in the wind.... a+

I think its a great choice of supporting instruments in this song, and great choices of progressions - as well as a key for you to sing this song in.

My first instinct on anything I would try to improve upon is that there's some mono tonality from section to section... and that's not so much a production thing as much as a chord progression or even just a straight up feeling I got on my first listen. I would not take any time re-recording any instruments or even mixing before I cut some excess from the arrangement itself so that the delivery of the lyric coincides with the immediacy of the feeling.

for example:

I felt as the ramp came in to get me to your chorus it took a lot of time ... and intensity levels seemed to stay right around where the verse simmered. I felt like I was waiting around for your next lyric in the verse... and then in the waiting room again during the ramp...or lift....... The lines "misery is my ...chance to begin" could really be condensed somehow. I would even go so far as to say that the bridge progression might be better suited for this section - and the ramp progression might go better in the bridge section?
Thank you for the recent review! Now your tune: guitar playing is quite nice, though at times the string bending goes a bit off from being 'spot on' pitch wise. Melodyne might help in that regard. Vocals are very well done. At times the song sounds rather bluesy, other times reminds me of Prince (a compliment). Drums are fine. Nice tune!
Hey dude,

The mix is good, in terms of balance, and the guitar lead tone is nice. My only remark is that it sounds just a tad empty, and that can be solved by having some extra tracks with clean guitars that simply strum chords, but are are so quiet that they can barely be heard. It thickens the texture and makes the sound feel more full without it really changing the feel of the song. Another option would be maybe giving the bass a bit more oomph, but I wouldnt do that in this case simply because it wouldn't really suit the country vibe.

The vocals are good, some songs Ive seen on here have rather shaky backing vocals and harmonies and stuff, but on this one theyre pretty spot on. The break is pretty good, makes the song more interesting.

Overall the song is pretty good, really chill, I like it, and I can appreciate the musicality behind the writing of the song. Production is good too. Well done man

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kinda eric Clapton sounding at the start...good lyrics man! also your a very good singer...u almost sound like dave Matthews in certain spots...one of the best tracks ive heard all day...the vocals seem a little shaky at times when u go for those high notes..other then that..spot on man! this would be a great song to drink a beer to! love it bro! crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=33256003#post33256003