So guys, I'm here sitting with my pedal board at last and making some pretty cool noises. How do you guys describe your sounds to people? I'm sitting here calling mine stuff like Tron noise and Donkey Kong sits on ET. Stuff like that, how do you guys do it? Also how do you go about remembering your noises?
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I've never had to explain my pedal sounds to people. Most of the peeps I hang out with already know what they do, since they're musicians. If I ever got in a situation where I had to explain a particular pedal, I'd probably just demo it for them.
i have some descriptive names for a few of my configurations

boosted pad: train straight to the heart at 100 mph
soul food+whammy+lift up: rip the skin off your chest
rat+soul food+lift up: everybody hit somebody
rat+soul food+whammy glitch+lift up: "what the -expletive- was that?"
everything on: blebehbglhlbhbegehlgbbh
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