Iceage's Johan Wieth pedals.

I can clearly see a TC Corona Chorus, a Zvex Distortron and i know the one he's covering with his hand is a TS9. What about the other three? Anyone?
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I suck at reading. I was like 'the red one is a Distortron!' and didn't realize you wrote that

Far left might be a Marshall pedal.
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The pedal on the far left is just a Korg Pitchblack I think. Interesting to see he's using the Earthquaker stuff, just wondering how old this pic is? I saw them a couple of years ago but can't for the life of me remember what pedals they were using, just remember the fender combos.

The order of the pedals is also interesting, though it's pretty easy to see how he gets the sounds he does out of them.
@doubtfulsalmon i think this picture is from mid-late 2014, i've watched the Revolt Tv live performance (which is three months old) and it looks like these pedals are there, but mounted on a board.

thanks everybody btw