I've been thinking about a new guitar for a while. Currently I own a Taylor 322 (which I love), but lately I've been wanting something a little more, in terms of sound and performance. I have a deal with my dad that for my birthday, if I trade him my Taylor 322, he'll help me financially with a guitar costing up to $1600 max.
Before searching, I made a list of the things that I wanted in a guitar:

A cutaway
Made out of indian rosewood or flame maple
A body that is primarily adapt to fingerstyle

So far in my career I've been doing mainly fingerstyle, but I've been branching out to some strumming and thinking about learning hybrid picking. So far, the guitar I have in mind is the Seagull Artist Peppino guitar. Does anybody have any better options for me, and would the trade be worth it?
~Thanks a lot guys.
The 322 is a good guitar, and in that price range, I would be looking first at Taylor, Gibson or Martin, also Maton here in Oz. As far as specific makes and models are concerned, it is all a matter of taste. I personally tend to avoid spending on cosmetics, and don't think that, say, r'wood is in any way better than mahogany, just different. The differences and merits of each timber depend on makes, models and even specific instruments.
when you say you want "more" in terms of sound, what does that mean? more volume? more bass? more overtones? more overall presence?

my first thought is the guild GAD series. definitely worth checking into - they're full gloss, all solid guitars that come with hardshell cases at a good price. a nice variety of sounds, sizes and materials. their OM/rosewood/cutaway model is the Guild GAD Series F-130, which is available with sunburst on sweetwater for $699.

if you can live without a cutaway, which usually adds to the price and is less available at $1600 or under, how about the recording king ROS-627? a little bigger than your current guitar but not a dread, it's all solid, rosewood back and sides, more of a martiny rather than taylory sound, so a little more bass with clearer top end. if you'd prefer a 14 fretter, there's the RO-227. also check out eastman guitars - they have some sweet sounding, great feeling instruments for reasonable prices, so you may find that cutaway/rosewood model.

as far as more when it comes to performance, does that mean you want more features? easier to play guitar? will you want a wider nut for fingerstyle? narrower for strumming? in between - i'd consider that 1 3/4" nut - for everything?

there's no way to know if any guitar would be an improvement for you without more details. over the years, i've discovered that one person will absolutely LOVE a guitar, and another person will dislike the same guitar. it's pretty personal, so knowing more about what you're looking for will help us make better suggestions.
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Rosewood and maple are two totally different sounding woods. One is pretty dark,(rosewood), and maple is pretty darn zingy. Are you sure you've put as much thought into this as you could, or should? 'Jus sayin'.

Besides, the Taylor you have is already worth about $1200.00. If you simply want "more", doesn't Tylor have a GS size body in their 3xx line? They just redid the 6xx maple line, but they're way over the prospective budget
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