Has anyone ever tried to swing a V shaped guitar around their body? I've done it successfully with a superstrat style guitar in the past... but i'm curious about trying it out with my Dean VMNTX... I'm thinking the length of the guitar, the placement of the strap studs and of course the shape would make a difference so i don;t wanna break it trying...
Alexi Laiho does it all the time, granted i've personally witnessed him **** it up and hit himself in the back of the head...hard.
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Presumably it's not much harder than with any other kind of guitar. I suspect it's probably best to only do it in one direction
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i don;t wanna break it trying...

Then don't try.

You probably don't want to break yourself either.
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I think Yngwie pretty much has the whole 'guitar spin' thing covered.
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Can we watch you attempt this OP?
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