Hey guys!

I just bought a new Ibanez AF71F over the weekend. I'm loving it so far but It's got a small issue I'd like to fix.

The D (4th) string is buzzing out pretty bad at the 12th fret. The odd thing (to me) is that none of the other strings are doing this. There's a tiny bit of buzz on some of the other strings at the 12th fret but really really small amount. In fact, if I fret the other strings a bit harder it goes away.

I did a visual inspection from nut to bridge to see if there's anything different about the D string compared to the others but I don't see anything.

When I press the D string on the 11th fret, no buzz.
When I press the D string on the 13th fret, no buzz.
When I press the D string on the 12th fret - sitar time (sounds like the first note of Stevie Wonder's "Signed Sealed Delivered" but with less sustain ).

Again - the other strings don't do this.

I'm thinking the saddle might be the culprit but I'm not sure how to adjust those. There's a screw on the front of each saddle but I'm not sure how that works.

Any ideas?

Its probably being caused by the 13th fret being high in the D string area. A high fret can be high on any portion of it, such that it only affects the 1 string.

I say this because given that your guitar has a TOM bridge, the bridge does not have an adjustable string radius. You could modify the depth of the slots to adjust the radius slightly, but given the guitar is new, its safe to assume that such is not the case.

The screws on the TOM that you're seeing adjust the intonation, not action. The action of the bridge is adjusted via the two bridge studs. One on each side of the bridge.

Take the guitar to a tech.
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^ is probably right about one fret being a little high. The store you bought it at probably has a technician who can fix it for you, either as good customer service or as warranty support. Or they can just exchange it.
Ok - thanks for the help guys. I was headed to that conclusion (high fret) based on what I've read. Thanks for the clue on what the saddle adjustments do (intonation vs action).

We have a pretty decent tech at our local Guitar Center where I bought the guitar but first I think I'll try a Dremel with a coarse stone wheel on 13th fret and see what that gets me.

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