I was playing guitar today, and stomped on my tubescreamer, and then I heard Bastille's "Pompeii" coming through my amp. I can't get it to stop either. It's not the amp itself, it's fine when it's unplugged, and fine going through all the pedals. It just starts playing the radio when the tubescreamer is on.

Any potential causes of it?
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The tubescreamer is set up as a boost, yeah? If so, the most likely culprit is the guitar itself, the TS is just amplifying the interference. Check the earth on the guitar. ie the connection at the bridge.
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Check to see if the radio comes through with the amp cranked and distortion up, without the TS9 on. If so, you're getting interference from the radio station signal that Pompeii was on.
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if you try a different guitar, then yea. a bad ground on the guitar is a likely occurrence. try with the amp up and just guitar>amp and see if it does it.

reflow some solder joints on the guitar.
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