Today I bought an old Gigna brand Japanese guitar for $75. I thought it was a Teisco, now I think it’s probably something else. It’s an interesting guitar. The neck is a baseball bat and I LOVE it. It says the neck is steel reinforced but it doesn’t seem to be adjustable. It’s damned straight, tho. It has one pickup that sounds great—it just nails raucous blues and surf tones. The tone and volume pots are both shot—volume barely works at full on, tone does nothing. Frets are crappy tiny little things cut a little short so they didn’t have to fix the ends. The tuners are literally dying for grease—they barely do anything. Two ferrules are missing, so I’ll have to find replacements.

I was planning to clean this and flip it, but it sounds so good that I might just keep it. For now it will be a restoration project.

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pots are no big deal. I would need to change the bridge to something I can adjust so my intonation is right.

There’s no way I’m changing the bridge. This bridge on the metal pickguard gives the unwound strings a pingy, resonant quality that’s got almost a sitar like edge but with nice sustain. It’s great for a Lighting Hopkins kind of sound. I have a closet full of guitars with great bridges, but I like having this fücked up one.

A friendly redditor stayed up all night and eventually found a match for this guitar. Still no idea who made the guitar: http://drowninginguitars.com/2012/08/11/turn-signal-pickups-1965-ralstonfuji-japanese-electric-guitar